Smart Choice. Smart Child

When you entrust your child’s care to us, we know, as parents, how difficult a choice that is. Looking for the best child care New York City has to offer can take some time. We know that you must be comfortable with your choice of daycare, and that you must feel that your child is at least as well cared for as they would be if they were at home. We always strive to ensure that our care, stimulation and education provide opportunities for your child that they would not or could not receive in any other environment.

We are confident that if you pay us a visit at our school you will see the difference Star America Manhattan can make for your child compared to other childcare available in NYC. We already know the difference your child can make to the world.

At Star America Manhattan, we offer a loving, nurturing, clean and safe environment for your growing little one. Our goal is to provide an environment for your child to explore, create and learn through structured learning and free play. We dedicated our time to help your child build their independence. We promote sharing, socializing, and creative self-expression.


Infant Care

Our Infant program provides the nurturing, healthy bond and individual attention an infant needs.  Attentiveness is a priority in infant care and our certified staff closely monitors each child under closer supervision. We provide a safe and loving “home away from home”. Please schedule a tour today and meet our amazing teachers! 


Toddler Care 

Our Toddler program introduces your child to the basic elements of early learning such as, visual recognition of letters, numbers, colors, shapes, patterns, songs, and a healthy social environment all while building self awareness and confidence. 



Our Preschool program builds on the knowledge your child has already learned with in our toddler program. Our daily activities will allow your child the opportunities to make decisions for themselves and to develop autonomy. Your child will have many choices throughout the day which will allow them to practice their skill of responsibility and independence. All of these experiences will allow your child to develop the skills to be well prepared for kindergarten.