Dear Parents, we are pleased to introduce to you what we have been doing in our center in response to Covid 19

We are happy to show you the enhanced protocol that we have put in place to keep your child safe while providing loving care centers and classroom!



  1. Every morning, we take temperature for every person arriving at the front door and we will ask a series of questions to assess the possibility of illness. Staff or kids who have high temperature won’t be allowed to return until they have zero Covid 19 alike symptoms such as fever, cough, running nose and sore throat.



2.Wash hands for kids after arrival, after each activity and before eating.


3. After this health screening, our designated staff will escort your child to the classroom.


4.Each staff member wears mask or face covering at all time


5.Our staff always serve the food with gloves


6.Keep the physical distancing at most of time. There will be no Kissing  between kids and teacher, no kissing and hugging between kids at this time


7.Children’s day with the same group and teachers stay in the same classroom


8.Only one class at the playroom at a time. Strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols will take place at regular intervals



9.Clean toys after using at end of the day


10.Keep all sanitizing materials available all the time.

11. Each child has his/her own pack of learning tools. We maximally limit the sharing of objects.


As always, your child’s safety is our primary concern and weather you’re returning to our school or you are new to us for the very first time, Welcome to Star America!!